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If we started a new world and you had to capture your culture with one word, or maybe two – perhaps a saying; what would you choose?

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Citizen of the word


If you are interested like me in learning from other’s cultures and in the human and subjective interpretation of what makes people’s background unique, if you enjoy unpredictable

Soon, I started wondering: What is my culture’s untranslatable word? If we started a new world and I had to represent all my people with one word, or maybe two – perhaps a saying; what would I choose? What would you choose?
In my continuous search of inspiring cultural influences from the four corners of the globe, I encountered untranslatable words that symbolize a society, a mindset, a cultural oath, a life pursuit, a moment in time. Words that cannot be matched in other languages but can certainly be communicated to other cultures. real life fables, if you believe somehow all cultures speak the same language despite the linguistic dissonance
me in my pursuit to gain as much knowledge through the capturing of words as I interview characters that have lived societies that would never be condensed in one word – but just for an episode, maybe they could.

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