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My Superpowers:


/ An acquired obsession to learn new languages (4 fluent 1 in the making).


/ An innate ability to anticipate trends and customer’s needs.


/ An effective toolkit of diverse prototyping techniques including soft skills such as organization and facilitation but also drafting, 3d modeling and filmmaking.


/ A personal aptitude to be a project manager and maintain the big picture whilst focusing on smaller details throughout a process.


/ A capacity to create systems to expedite smart and efficient decision making.


/ Collaborative co-creation and ideation.


/ Individualization of the best qualities and strengths of team members and the ability to coordinate and lead a team successfully.


/ A rare ability to remain calm under pressure and thrive in uncertainty.


/ A desire to author projects with a mission in which I believe.


/ A unique skill at persuasion and a relentless attitude towards success.

Still not sure if I'm the right fit?

Do you...

Care about providing a good service for your end customer?

Believe company culture is key to the success of your company?



Know your value prop?

Care about profitability that is also sustainable? 

Know your worth?

Know your brand?


I'm not the right fit for you


Are you looking for an innovative, committed member to join your team? 


I can help you figure it out

Let's Chat!

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