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Explore business solutions through co-creation, problem solving and visualization. Business Models allow a flexibility that business plans do not account for. Using innovation and strategy as a core value, Business Models will allow the client to envision a profitable, adaptable, stronger business path. 


Creative business consulting is understanding the storyline and characters that are part of a business. Data Analysis, Market Research, Financial planning, Customer segmentation, Swot Analysis and Business Model Canvas Creation are some of the tools used to increment the potential of your business exponentially. 

Trust an entrepreneur as I am to be curious and seek for innovation in your business and be prepared to take risks that will drive results. 

As a business consultant, I am a three dimensional thinker, a big picture seeker and a detail oriented professional equally. I am also motivated by efficiency and thrive for this reason in project management. 


I am an empath and I communicate with clients and customers to really uncover the business criteria to respect and the best  tools to equip your business in order to identify the higher sources of profit. 

1. Visualize your business starting at your own value proposition. What do you offer to your client that is unique? 

2. Individuate your customer and what percentage of market share you can target with your service.


3. Understand how you maintain a relationship and with which frequency and intensity you interact with your customer. Through which Channels?

     These Items constitute your revenue stream.

Business Models can ensure that the cost structure of your business is less than your revenue stream by understanding key resources, key partners and activities necessary for the production of the value proposition you promise. 

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