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Customer Experience design is the practice that creates products, services, events, omnichannel journeys and environments with the focus placed on the quality of the interaction between user and crafted touch-points that trigger a desired experience relevant to the customer's culture and expectations. 


Experience design is the process that brings a concept to see the light of day through the development of various brand agents that interact with a customer at different stages in order to impact its decision making in a delightful and memorable way. 

Thanks to my education in interior design and also media & visual culture I was able to undertake a path in experiential design quite naturally and achieve successful results immediately. 

It wasn't until I started my company, Punt e Po, helping emerging designers and international brands sell, showcase and launch their products and collection in custom-made pop-up stores that I truly discovered my passion and personal ability to understand experiences and design elements that provide the promise the customer truly wants in a cohesive and detailed fashion.

My understanding of three dimensional space and narratives is the key to providing your brand a unique strategy for growth through the consideration of all the media and experiential elements. 

My experience in Design Strategy and education in Market research guarantee that I will be able to identify the best customer segment and channel for the experience to reach your target audience. 

Custom made experiences that have an aesthetic and memorable impact on your clients can only be tailored to fit your brand by a design specialist like myself. 

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