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Hola, I'm Camille.

I have an eye for design and a mind for business.
I am a user experience designer, an entrepreneur, and
an innovation consultant. I'm a three-dimensional thinker. I am a strategist above all, a creative spirit at all times.

What I can do

Design Strategy

I craft and develop a product strategy translating user needs and market insights into features and go-to-market strategies.

I help a project expand and guide it through sustainable growth.

Service & UX design

I analyse a full blueprint of a service and a user journey. I lead teams to design content and flows that refine an existing product or service or design from scratch a new user and customer experience.

Team leadership

I understand the value of a vision which I convey to teams. I advocate for viable user centricity. I design methodologies, principles and set standards to empower each member of a team to deliver their best work. I work to understand the strengths of each member so they can thrive and grow.

no need to take my word for it

Raquel Vilariño

Lead product designer at Shopify

"Camille is a brilliant and gifted Product Designer who can really bring together business, strategy and design thinking with a continuous innovative mindset. Her contribution and impact goes way beyond her squad."

Taylor Real

Senior Product manager at Nike

Camille is perhaps one of the most hard-working, driven, and creative individuals that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with in my professional career. Her far-reaching areas of expertise (everything from UX design to video production to project management) allowed our team to devise innovative solutions to some of the most challenging design problems our world faces today

Daniela Gómez

Head of Innovation at Purdy Group

Every now and then you find someone who has extraordinary talent that inspires your own work. Camille is one of those people. Her ambition and drive continues to amaze me but also her ability to handle even the toughest clients effortlessly. I have learned so much from working with her and following her valuable advice.

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